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Our Audience

We have a millennial based audience, with 18-24 year olds making up 42% of visitors,
25-34 year olds making up 34% of the visitors, for a total of 76% of visitors being millennials aged 18 to 34

18 to 24
25 to 34
18 to 34
Female  Male

Our audience is 64% female

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Across our web properties and social channels, we offer solutions for your brand awareness and advertising needs.

Branded video content, sponsored editorial collections, and social distribution are just some of the ways we help brands tell their story or message.

  • Native Advertising
  • Branded Video
  • Display Advertising

Integrate your brand with our web properties, by working with our editorial team to tell your story or message in a way that resonates with your target audience.

We work with brands and influencers to create videos tailored to your target audience while aligning with brand values and objectives.

Your content will be distributed through our large social channels, including partnerships with high ranking influencers.

You’ve got the story, it’s time to tell it to the world.

Want to promote your brand alongside our content?

Millions of millennials visit our channels every month.

From premium video content, to standard display units, you’ll work with our team to create a campaign that meets your objectives.

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